I have always enjoyed taking photos, but my passion for photography on a professional level has really kicked off over the past four years when I began taking on events photography and now moving purely into landscape and travel work. I also try and use every opportunity I can to head outdoors to clear the head and remover myself from the chaos that we can sometimes find ourselves stuck in whilst in our day-to-day lives.

One thing I've always loved about photography is having the power to capture moments and create them in a way I feel best represents the way I viewed the scene.

I get asked quite often if I have a favourite photo, and it is something I find quite hard to decide on. I have such a variety of stories and experiences that I have endured while taking certain shots and for those certain familiarities that I have connections to some photos and not to others.

I have a huge sense of adventure and take any opportunity I can to go and get myself lost, or journey on a 3-week solo road-trip around Tasmania. I think the most outlandish activity I have participated in would have to be whilst I was in New Zealand in Spring 2017. At the conclusion of a gorgeous walk, surrounded by sheer mountain ranges, topped with ice-caps that remain all-year-round, I arrived at the absolutely stunning Hooker Lake, a glacial melt lake that situates itself at the base of Aoraki, or more commonly known as Mt Cook. I have arrived at this lake ready to try and capture a gorgeous sunset and what wonderful thing do I decide to do... swim naked out to one of the icebergs and pose gracefully in front of Mt Cook for quite a picturesque photo. Much to my knowledge of how cold the water was, I can assure you that I could've been mistaken for a runaway primary school student, causing havoc on the south island of  New Zealand.


Partnerships & Clientele

During my relatively short time as a photographer, I have worked with a diverse group of clients and still to this day have ongoing relationships with these businesses.


As a sponsored athlete/content creator for Offtrack, an upcoming Outdoor equipment and resource company based in Australia, I produce marketing material in the forms of banners, flyers, travel photos and video, and also video content for their web platforms.



Professional Helicopter Services


Destination Network

Ayers Rock Resort


Where can you see my work in print?

Currently, I have images hanging in the Woodhouse Cafe170A High St, Belmont VIC 3216. If you are interested in getting something to hang on the walls at your workplace or home, please do not hesitate to contact me.