We were definitely not alone heading out for an escape to the mountains in search of some quality nature fixations for the Queen’s Birthday long weekend. 

It became obvious how alike quite a few peoples thoughts were when we arrived at the campground on Friday evening about 8:30 pm in search for a nice little spot to roll the swag out, lap after lap of the campground we snagged a little nook, tucked up out of the way. Swag rolled out and tucked into bed by about 9 pm, set for a beautiful nights rest… or so we thought. It continues to baffle me why at 1 am it is justified to turn a campground into a night club? Each to their own – however, we were not here for the party so next morning planned to head around to the western side of the Grampians.

The morning rolled around we headed out for a little sunrise walk, along what I interpreted to be the walking track up to the ridge of the Mount Difficult range. On the pure basis of a namesake, I should’ve realised the chances of finding the track… channelling our inner mountain goat, we rock-hopped our way up the side of the ridge, perching on a rock for a post-sunrise spectacular of light, fog and shadows dancing through the valley!

Bellies full of oats and spirits high we journeyed through the Grampians in search of the site we had originally wanted to stay at, though it was an extra hour of driving Friday night so opted for the closer campground. Let down by GoogleMaps and its ability to not decipher the difficulty of a 4WD track we eventually rolled through to the sight in absolute awe of the views it beheld. The remaining hours of the afternoon were spent frolicking on the cliff edge, cards and then finishing the day by watching the sunset and then polishing off some tucker as the valley below became filled with cold air and the moon glistened above.

Feeling ready for some sort of adventure, we took the trip into the McKenzie falls carpark, and turns out so did everyone else. Opting to avoid the crowds we laced up the runners and hit the trails, plodding away up what seemed to be a never-ending hill, we turned at the 6 km for a delightful downhill gallivant back to the car. The rest of the day consisted of more downtime, soaking up what we had left of the weekend before we headed home in the morning and preparing the fire for the camp oven for some delightful roast veggies for our dinner!

A stunning escape from the confines of the household/workplace and a perfect opportunity to top up the body battery and come back in check with the things that matter at any given time.

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