It wouldn’t be an adventure day without a 3:45 am alarm… We finally crawled out of bed at 3:55 am, jumping in the pre-packed car with cameras, drones, climbing gear… (whatever we could find really) with a departure from Yowie Bay, NSW en route to the world-famous Blue Mountains!

If our predictions were correct we would be arriving and allowing some pre-sunrise exploration time at Lincolns Rock. Unfortunately, due to the sheer distance we would have had to cover in the morning, the perfect sunrise location we visit for sunset and vice versa. Regardless of our misfortune… the mountains erupted full-of-life as the sun began kissing their peaks and thawing out the valleys below.

There’s truly something special about spending time with not only yourself; but with others, in silence during such time as a sunrise… feeling the sun kiss your face (or in this case, warm our backs) and realising at which the slow pace that the world is moving at, at this given time.

It was now only about 8 am but Connor and I felt like it was about time for a mid-morning nap, finding comfort in the bench seats at the Three Sisters whilst we eagerly awaited the opening of the local cafe for the filling of our stomachs for was is turning out to be quite a large day ahead.

With our stomach groans taken care of, it was time to get the blood pumping a bit and throw a rope out and see if channelling our inner mountain goat would do us any good… Mount Victoria did not disappoint us with breathtaking views to the North of the rock face and providing a haven in the shade as the mercury climbed during the middle of the day!

The sweat was well and truly beading off us by the time we had packed up and headed back to the car. The next stop for the day involved the very crisp depths of the Jenolan Caves, one of the worlds most amazing cave structures to be seen and experienced. However, there is also one of the most incredible (but very, very cold) waterfall/swimming hole! Upon arriving, follow the Blue Lake walking path where you may potentially catch a glimpse of the resident platypi. You’ll be crossing over a swing bridge in no time and be greeted with a message for the eye-balls, of every blue hue possible and a path that leads to the base of the beautiful cascades where you are able to swim and permitted the water level is high enough, jump off the platform at the top of the steps for a very cold plunge!

No adventure is complete without heading somewhere for a sunset viewing, and no better place than around the corner in Kanangra-Boyd National Park. Although not technically in the ‘Blue Mountains’ it’s a much of a muchness really, still offering breathtaking views. The area we went to would have been an absolutely fantastic spot for sunrise however we would’ve needed to lead about 2 hours earlier than we originally did. Despite this, the sunset was incredible, we snacked, lounged and just soaked it all in for the golden hour, kicking back and reflecting on what was a monster of a day. 

and then I realised I had to drive 4.5 hours back to Sydney.

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