The anticipation behind this trip has been massive, the emotions are running high and there are so many mixed feelings I have about this journey coming to an end.

365 Days of a journey… a journey of meeting so many amazing people and most of all taking a step back to immerse myself into one of the worlds most magical and natural phenomenons that we are blessed with at the beginning of every single day. Many of these sunrises will appear ‘bland or sub-par’ however in these moments of stillness it allows us to step back and realise everything in front, behind, below and above us and help us to recognise the things that really matter for us in this point in our life.

The selection for the location for this final sunrise adventure stemmed from an image that appeared to me whilst scrolling the @australia Instagram account shared by local helicopter pilot Josiah Bradshaw who I was lucky enough to meet whilst on this journey to the heart of Australia.

Greeted by some lovely smiling faces out the front of the resort at about 4:30 am we took the trip out to the airport to board my private helicopter… fancy right! Door off on my side and ready to go… the weather the past 24 hours had been very dreary and wet, however, the potential for a stunning sunrise was promising with plenty of clouds around to catch the rays of goodness as they make their way from millions of kilometres away.

The morning only got better, with a stunning sunrise and an epic flight heading out around the vast outback, greeted by Uluru and Kata-Tjuta standing very prominent in their place yet appearing so minuscule from above.

Whilst reflecting on this journey, it becomes more and more apparent how fortunate I was to be able to experience this wonder of the world in such an intimate and surreal way, all brought upon by the thoughts I had one evening 366 days prior!

The finale.
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